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Kaye Browne & Brian PickeringFirst up... this website & our Facebook group is NOT about us!. We want your stories too... Why?

Well as it happens both of us have been in the 'story-telling' zone in some way or other  most of our lives. Kaye as a radio/TV Journalist/Newsreader and Brian as a Producer/Recording Engineer in radio/TV & music.

We also had a long running radio show called Pet Talk Radio which morphed into VETtalk TV and more recently, Food-Wine-Pets-Travel... telling stories about all the good things in life!

We've also been fortunate to have lived and worked in several countries which exposed the both of us to even more stories about people, different cultures and more.

Part of the reason we 'hit the road' full-time a couple of years ago was to get out and about again after spending too many years in a house, to find interesting stories about people and places that had perhaps never been told before - or if they had, to see what has happened since. Interestingly enough many stories simply 'appear' as if by magic as soon as you meet someone new.

We don't do interviews... we just chat & listen!

Day to day conversations with people we meet in our travels often turn into longer term friendships whether person to person, by phone, email or social media.

As we said before this is NOT about us... Like pretty well everyone, we have life experiences that are a combination of 'same ol' same ol' and 'WOW... I'll never forget that!'.

My Life!... My StorySo in the style of our parents and those before them, many of whom had hand-written diaries or even 35mm slides to store their memories, we thought remembering those stories and sharing them publicly, allows everyone else to experience what others have experienced - the good and sometimes the not so good.

We're both passionate about storytelling, but more importantly we like to think we're good listeners too. 

Now initially on this site you may see many stories from us... this is just the beginning and intended to hopefully spark some interest in getting you to tell your own stories. 

As we noted on the home page, if you don't think you're a 'writer' we can chat on the phone and you can tell us your story. We can then either transcribe it or use as a podcast.

Best of all if you want to remain 'private' you can!

We hope you enjoy what we're doing and join our community so we can all stay connected.

Kaye Browne & Brian Pickering
MyLife!... My Story

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We totally understand not everyone has computer/mobile device skills or may have mobility issues etc which is why we've added the option for printing. This also allows families to share 'hard copy' versions amongst themselves.

You can print either a TEXT or PDF version of any story unless the print icon does not show on a story - usually at the writer's request.

How To Print

Simply click this icon located on the top or right of any article --> 

Depending on your device - eg; PC/laptop or mobile device, after clicking PRINT you should see options to print either a TEXT version or save as a PDF plus  several other options.

Again depending on your browser or operating system this may be different.

Please Remember!...
While all the stories on this website are available to be printed, please respect the owner's copyright especially if re-using in a newsletter, website or even Facebook etc.

We would also appreciate a link back to this website especially if sharing on social media

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