Everyone has a story to tell…good, bad, happy, sad…maybe all of those plus a whole stack of other emotions we get to feel while navigating our life and the people and circumstances in it which make it memorable.

Do You Have A Story To Tell?Your story might be about a lifetime struggle or the exact opposite, a life abundantly gifted with love, luck and laughter…but whatever it is we’re certain it’s worth telling and you might be surprised how much we all have in common.

Bottom line…Everyone loves a good story.  We all love to see it, hear it or read it. Recent stats tell us short-form stories in print, podcast or video form are now much more popular than lengthy hard cover books. They’re quicker and easier to create too.

In fact storytelling is far from new...

QUOTE: “Australia’s Aboriginal culture was an oral one, the written word was unknown to these people, so the storyteller’s role was not just to entertain, but also to preserve their culture, while educating the growing generation of children and young adults, in the history, traditional values and lore of their people.”
(Source: Helen McKay – Author)

So in the spirit of continuing this great tradition of ensuring the REAL stories of our lives are passed down from generation to generation, family to family, YOU are invited to share what makes you tick and we hope you also enjoy reading other people’s stories…

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